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The best Castles to visit in Slovenia

It often feels like Slovenia has more castles than it does hotels. Every new city or town you arrive in, you’re almost certain to find an imposing castle looking down upon the towns or cities below. After travelling extensively throughout Slovenia this summer, I’ve compiled a list of the best castles to visit in Slovenia. These are the most impressive castles that are open to the public and one you can even stay in!

Lake Bled Slovenia | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Bled Castle

Chances are that if you’re travelling to Slovenia, you’re going to visit Bled. Lake Bled if one of the most iconic and idyllic locations in the entire country. Sitting pretty above the lake is the impressive medieval Bled Castle which is said to be the first castle in all of Slovenia. Nowadays it is open to the public as a living museum. To make the most of your visit be sure to drop by the restaurant for lunch and one of the best views over Lake Bled.

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Ljubljana Castle

Slovenia’s capital city is home to one of the most visited castles in the country. Ljubljana Castle offers a brilliant view over the city below and is one of the best kept castles to visit in Slovenia. Sunsets at the castle are often the best way to take in the summer sky, so be sure to plan your visit according to the best light of the day for an unforgettable visit.

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Predjama Castle

The impressive Predjama castle is built in to a cave mouth, making this one of the most spectacular castles to see first hand. Just a short drive from Postojna, this castle is one of the more remote castles to visit but still attracts thousands of visitors a day, especially during the summer months. Combine your visit with a stop at the predjama caves for the ultimate experience in the southeast of Slovenia.

Otočec Castle

What makes Otočec Castle so special is that you can stay here. This beautifully refurbished castle is one of Slovenia’s most celebrated hotels and for the past decade has been welcoming travellers as royal guests. The castle is located in the southeast of the country which is much less visited by travellers, making this the perfect escape from the crowds. Even in the summer months the castle is quiet on weekdays and you often feel as if you have the entire castle and grounds to yourself.

Celje Castle

Celje is one of Slovenia’s major cities and the main attraction for travellers is Celje Castle. The castle ruins are open to visitors every day even though the castle is currently in the process of being restored. Celje itself can be considered a gate to visiting more of the south and southeast of the country, especially if you plan to visit the nearby Otočec Castle and Žužemberk Castle.

Žužemberk castle

Žužemberk Castle is my final suggestion to complete your castles of Slovenia tour. The castle is located in the southeast of Slovenia and originated in the 13th century. The present shape of the castle however came much later, when the castle took its new shape to protect against enemies in the 16th century.

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